Le Salon de Musiques’ December 11 concert will feature Mozart Violin Sonata KV 304 In E Minor and C. Franck Violin Sonata with Phillip Levy on Violin and Francois Chouchan on Piano. All concerts are held from 4 – 6 pm one Sunday of every month beginning October 16, 2011 through May 20, 2012. The performance is accompanied by Cava (Spanish sparkling wine,) food by Patina and informal conversation introduced by musicologist Julius Reder Carlson. Spanish Consul General Enrique Ruiz Molero Scheduled is scheduled to attend this performance. By removing the stage, Le Salon de Musiques offers a more personal touch to listeners eager to familiarize themselves with Chamber Music. The goal is to bring together an audience of disparate backgrounds…music lovers who believe that this form of melodic artistry brings out the best in humanity.

Tickets are $65 and $45 for students (including concert and refreshments) and are available on line at www.LeSalondeMusiques.com or by calling (310) 498-0257.

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