An evening of chamber music by Lawrence Dillon will be performed by the Atlantic Ensemble on Monday, September 17 – 7:30 PM in Wattenbarger Auditorium of the Bryan Fine Arts Building on the campus of Tennessee Tech University in Cookeville.

Works to be presented will be The Voice, String Quartet No. 4: The Infinite Sphere, What Happened and the World Premiere of Saturn Dreams of Mercury. Before the concert, Dillon will speak about his compositional techniques, inspiration and collaborations with other musicians.

The Atlantic Ensemble is Wei Tsun Chang, violin, Seanad Dunigan Chang, viola, Kirsten Cassel, cello and Jennifer Q. McGuire, piano. Special guest will be violinist David Davidson.

The September 17 concert is free and open to the public and is sponsored by Tennessee Tech University’s Center Stage. More about it at

The Voice is a transcription and embellishment for violin and piano of a aria for soprano from the composer’s 2001 opera Buffa. The piece has been recorded as part of Lawrence Dillon Violin Music, by violinist Danielle Belen for the Naxos label.

What Happened, for violin, viola, cello and piano, was commissioned and premiered by the Atlantic Ensemble at the Maison Danoise in Paris, France on May 26, 2005. More about the piece at

Commissioned by the Daedalus Quartet in conjunction with the Thomas S. Kenan Institute for the Arts, The Infinite Sphere takes Pascal’s reference to “an infinite sphere, whose center is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere” as the inspiration for a virtuosic wheels-within-wheels journey. More about the piece at

Dillon writes about Saturn Dreams of Mercury, “In outlining his second artistic principle – Quickness – Italo Calvino describes himself as “a Saturn who dreams of being a Mercury,” an older man predisposed to introversion and melancholy who nonetheless aspires to the speed and agility of the young god in winged sandals. That image tweaked a musical response from me last February, and the result was Saturn Dreams of Mercury.”

His music is published by American Composers Alliance – Visit his website at

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