Music at First is proud to present “Matthew Hough and Friends”, a concert featuring the work of Matthew Hough to celebrate the release of his CD, Remembered States, by new music label Original Abstractions. Also on the program will be Salvatore Sciarrino’s Sonatina (1975), Reiko Fueting‘s light, asleep (2004), and Nicole Camacho‘s Journey (2011). Performers include Camacho (flute), Hough (electric guitar), Joshua Modney (violin), Megan Schubert (voice), and Eric Wubbels (piano).

Performance details:
WHAT: Music at First presents “Matthew Hough and Friends”
WHEN: Friday, October 19, 2012 – 7:30 P.M.
WHERE: First Presbyterian Church, 124 Henry Street, Brooklyn, NY
ADMISSION: $10 (sold at the door)

A founding member of the experimental rock band Zs and avant-garde guitar/vocal duo Seductive Sprigs, Hough has appeared as composer or guitarist on dozens of albums for labels such as Tzadik, Three One G and Carrier Records. This is the first full length album comprised solely of Hough’s music.

Like zooming in on a painting, Matthew Hough’s recent chamber music gives the feeling of pixelated sound, in which the larger picture of the piece is blurred into individual and richly textured units. At the core of this collection of compositions is a full exploration of extended techniques at the pianissimo level (with a few exceptions) and the near absence of actual notes, not to mention a complete eschewal of meter. Once settled into its sound, however, the album is a surprisingly listenable one, drawing one in because its unusual, intricate world is so well constructed.

The four tracks of Remembered States were recorded over the course of a hot summer day in Manhattan by Jeff Snyder (Snyderphonics), and mastered by Christopher Ariza (Flexatone).

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