Meira Warshauer’s Ocean Calling II: From the Depths for piano duo will be given its World Premiere performance on Friday, November 2 – 3:00 PM at the University of South Carolina School of Music Recital Hall, 813 Assembly Street in Columbia, S. C. This will be part of the South Carolina Music Teachers Association Annual Conference.

Performers will be the Lomazov/Rackers Duo (Marina Lomazov and Joseph Rackers). Visit the duo at

Ms. Warshauer writes about the series and the piece, “Ocean Calling is a series of three compositions for two pianos, dedicated to the ocean. As I learn of large-scale contaminations, over-fishing, acidification from global warming, death of coral reefs, and more, I fear we take for granted the ocean’s gifts, unaware that our survival is linked to the ocean’s health. Covering 72% of the planet surface and providing half the oxygen we breathe, while regulating our climate with currents traversing thousands of miles, the ocean has been called our life-support system. I hope the Ocean Calling series will help us to renew our connection with this vital life source and its vast, mysterious realms.”

“To evoke the incredibly varied and fantastical creatures of the sea, Ocean Calling II uses one piano for “inside the piano” techniques, including stopped notes, harmonic glissandi, plucking or strumming strings, and striking the strings with a glass. The other piano complements these colors with hints of fragility and lilting flow, contrasted with urgent dramatic movement and nostalgic reflections on what may be or already has been lost.”

“The title, From the Depths, alludes not only to the depths of the sea, but also to the deep places inside us, which hear the call of a life-sustaining universe as our own.”

Ocean Calling II was commissioned by the South Carolina Music Teachers Association and the Music Teacher National Association. Meira is SCMTA’s 2012 Composer of the Year. More about SCMTA and the conference at

The November 2 performance is free and open to the public. More about it at

Meira Warshauer is online at

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