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the CD release concert for ‘Cello Lounge’ as performed by

Noizepunk & BorisLove


Noizepunk & BorisLove a cello and Di.J./guitar duo

Wednesday, February 6th

85 Avenue A  New York, NY 10009
(212) 777-1157
Tickets: $
$10 Advance

Noizepunk & BorisLove – Cello Lounge

“Eclecticism that opens new horizons in the perceptions of music” The New York based duo Noizepunk & BorisLove are combining elements form classical, jazz, electronic, house, hip-hop, experimental, etc. It is hard to put into one word the genre of music they are playing, hence they do not try to classify. The originality lies in the openness to musical sound in all its forms, in getting out of the box which constricts our understanding and this duo does just that.


On February 6th the duo will perform music form their first release ‘Cello Lounge’ on Composers Concordance Records/Naxos at one of New York City’s hippest venues; DROM. The concert will feature special guest vocalists and instrumentalists and also music form their next album; Cello Lounge vol. 2.


Composer/guitarist/rapper/Di.J. Gene Pritsker has written over four hundred compositions, including chamber operas, orchestral and chamber works, electro-acoustic music, songs for hip-hop and rock ensembles, etc. All his compositions employ an eclectic spectrum of styles and are influenced by his studies of various musical cultures. The New York Times described him as “…audacious…multitalented.”


Russian cellist Borislav Strulev has been fascinating audiences on some of the world’s most prestigious stages since his U.S. debut at the Kennedy Center in 1993 arranged on initiative of Isaac Stern, Former World Bank President James Wolfensohn and Byron Janis. His charismatic personality, a virtuosic technique and extraordinarily large and beautiful tone have combined with the mature sensitivity of his interpretations. Critics call him a “soloist … with a rich, singing tone” – The New York Times, The San Francisco Chronicle said of Mr. Strulev he “boasts an enormous, gripping sound, full of bright colors and effortless power; when he plays he commandeers the sonic spotlight with ease.” Associated Press wrote ”cellist Borislav Strulev, channeling no one, or perhaps God.”




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Composers Concordance Records main goal is to release recordings of 20th and 21st century composers/performers presented in an exciting format and recorded with an aesthetic of clarity and studio precision. We want to present contemporary music in a thematically focused context on each release, combining works of music that create a whole album and complement each other. We are also interested in high quality recording with a concentration on clarity. CCR is developing new concepts of what a CD can be, combining new music, new instrumentation, experimentation and cross genre transcendence. Our goal is simple…good music recorded well, pushing the boundaries of sound and composition.



PRESS: Please contact: 646-522-9442 or  for press tickets, to schedule interviews with NP&BL or for additional information on concert programs.

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