Beth Anderson’s Cleveland Swale for 2 string basses and piano will be presented on Thursday, June 6 – 2:00 PM, at Howard Hanson Hall of the Eastman School of Music, 26 Gibbs Street in Rochester, New York. This will be part of a Women Composers recital, performed by bassist Andrew Kohn and collaborative artists, under the auspices of the International Society of Bassists Convention 2013 (

Other composers on the program are Johanna Magdelena Beyer, Tamar Diesendruck, Violeta Dinescu, Isobel Dunlop, Pozzi Escot, Brigitte Gauthier and Judith Weir.

The composer writes, “(Cleveland Swale) includes folk-like material, a tango that goes BethA612upside down and backwards, a fanfare, some jazzy moments, music inspired by religion, competition, cooperation, a little bit of counterpoint, and a whole lot of running around. People from Cleveland will have to decide if this music partially describes life in that city.” The piece has been recorded as part of Ms. Anderson’s Albany Records’ Quilt Music CD (Troy 709).

A swale is a meadow or a marsh where there is nourishment and moisture and therefore, a rich diversity of plant life. Ms. Anderson’s work, since 1984, has been made from swatches (of newly composed music, rather than found music) that are reminiscent of this diversity.

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