JSCRainforestComposer Judith Sainte Croix’s opera The Vine of the Soul will be presented in a concert version on Thursday, June 20 – 8:00 PM at Christ and St. Stephens Church, 122 West 69th Street (between Broadway and Columbus Avenues) in Manhattan, presented by Sonora House.

The opera, by composer/librettist Judith Sainte Croix and co-librettist Diana Carulli, depicts the effects of personal transformation on rainforest ecology.

The composer has written about the opera, “It tells the story of an ethno-botanist named Howard (Douglas McDonnell, dramatic tenor) looking for a healing plant in the rainforest. A local shaman, (Mary Hurlbut, soprano) puts an end to his exploration with a poison dart. Meaning only to stun him, she requires the aid of a Spirit Being, Lizard (Courtenay Symonds, coloratura) when his coma turns fatal. The intricacies of Howard’s connection to the forest, Lizard reveals, includes a ruthless trio of corporate executives, (Jessica Bowers, mezzo soprano, David Schmidt, bass baritone, Chad Kranak, tenor) who can only be stopped by Howard. They set about reviving him with extraordinary measures that include choruses of the Spirits of Nature.”

Ms. Sainte Croix’s music uses aural imagery evocative of the jungle to express a deeper, underlying reality. Ms. SainteJSC313 Croix refers to her style as evo-impressionism –that is, evocative music on themes of ecology and the evolutionary impulse of the universe. More about her at http://sonoratrio.com/Bio_Pages.html.

The opera is orchestrated for the Sonora Trio, Andrew Bolotowsky, flutes; Oren Fader, guitar; and Judith Sainte Croix, piano and tarka.

This performance is funded by The New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, Sonora House, The Jerome Foundation and private donors.

Tickets are available at the door, with a $15 suggested donation.

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