Diavolo Premieres Fluid Infinities at the Hollywood Bowl

Diavolo Premieres Fluid Infinities at the Hollywood Bowl

Diavolo Dance Theater is an architectural movement company that uses abstract and recognized structures to explore the relationship between danger of our environment and the fragility of the human body. Diavolo is a fusion of many different movement vocabularies such as everyday movement, ballet, contemporary, acrobatics, gymnastics, martial arts, and hip hop. Under the guidance of Artistic Director Jacques Heim, the company premieres a major new piece entitled Fluid Infinities, the final installment in L’ Espace du Temps, a trilogy of commissions from the Los Angeles Philharmonic at the Hollywood Bowl on Thursday, September 5, 2013, 8 pm. The program “Music by Glass – Dance by Diavolo,” features the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Bramwell Tovey performing Symphony No. 3 composed by Philip Glass. Known for its inventive physical structures and patterned acrobatics, Diavolo is the perfect match for the phase-shifting energies of Glass’ composition.

Fluid Infinities is the final installment in L’Espace du Temps, a trilogy of commissions from the Los Angeles Philharmonic. The piece is set on an abstract dome-shaped structure on which the dancers explore the metaphors of infinite space, continuous movement, and the voyage into the unknown future. The dome’s organic patterns evoke the craters of Mars, a honeycomb of bees, a shifting brain, or an undiscovered starship.

For the first two installments of Diavolo’s collaboration with the Los Angeles Philharmonic, Foreign Bodies and Fearful Symmetries, Heim’s original inspiration came from a cube. René Descartes, the French mathematician and philosopher, believed that the universe was born from geometric components. Foreign Bodies starts and ends as a cube, as does the cycle of life. Fearful Symmetries starts as a cube and ends on a clear stage with the dancers looking into the future.

Fluid Infinities, the final installment in this trilogy, will represent the future they are looking into. “This future is an alternate reality where life continues in a new and different form, so foreign yet so familiar,” says Heim on this new creative vision. “Foreign because it is difficult to see beyond our limited perceptions, familiar because the greatest mysteries in life can only be explored by looking inside ourselves.”

The structure created for Fluid Infinities is a quarter sphere, a single piece of curving fiberglass with an organic pattern of openings across the face. This partial dome sits on a mirrored floor. “As the dome moves and shifts, the audience will experience dramatic changes of perspective,” says Heim about the new work. “Together with reflections from the floor, the movements will evoke dualities such as internal and external, light and dark, inside and outside, life and death.”

Tickets for Music by Glass – Dance by Diavolo range from $1 to $104. Group rates, subscriptions and single tickets for the Hollywood Bowl 2013 summer season are also available. For tickets and information, please call (323) 850-2000, or visit www.HollywoodBowl.com. The Hollywood Bowl is located at 2301 North Highland Avenue, Hollywood CA 90068. For more information on Diavolo Dance Theater please visit http://www.diavolo.org.

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