MeiraWarshauer1009AMeira Warshauer’s Tekeeyah (a call) – Concerto for Shofar, Trombone  and Orchestra, will be broadcast on American Public Media’s Performance Today on Friday, September 6 on public radio stations across the United States.

This will be Tekeeyah‘s second broadcast on Performance Today, this time from a live concert performance. More about this broadcast and Performance Today at

The broadcast features Neal Gittleman and the Dayton Philharmonic, with shofar/trombone soloist Haim Avitsur. Tekeeyah will also be available online for 1 week after the initial broadcast at

You can see an excerpt of the piece on YouTube at More excerpts can be found at

Read Ms. Warshauer’s complete program notes and other articles about the piece at

Shofar and trombone virtuoso Haim Avitsur has premiered over 60 new pieces encompassing a broad range of styles from solo trombone to chamber music and orchestra. Visit him at

Meira Warshauer has devoted much of her creative output to Jewish themes and their universal message and her work also reflects a love and concern for the earth. The Navona label has released a CD (NV5842) featuring her Symphony No.1: Living Breathing Earth and Tekeeyah (a call), concerto for shofar, trombone and orchestra with soloist Haim Avitsur. More about the CD at Her website is at

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