Judith Shatin’s Spring Tides for amplified flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano and interactive electronics will be given its Virginia Premiere by the Da Capo Chamber Players on Thursday, October 17 and Friday, October 18 at 8:00 PM each evening at Ruth Caplin Theatre, located in the Drama Building at 109 Culbreth Road on the campus of the University of Virginia in Charlottesville. This will be part of TechnoSonics XIV: Motion.

The composer writes, “Spring Tides, scored for amplified Pierrot Ensemble and interactive electronics, was inspired by the pull of the moon and sun on the flow of the tides, highest when the moon and sun are directly lined up with the earth. The very highest, or spring tides, occur when the moon is either full or new, and the gravitational pull of moon and the sun are combined. In Spring Tides this process animates the pull between acoustic and electronic sound, between controlled improvisation and exactly specified elements, between slow and surging motion, and between shifting fields of timbre and pitch.” The piece was commissioned by the Da Capo Chamber Players and Premiered by them in 2009 at New York’s Merkin Concert Hall. Read Ms. Shatin’s complete notes at http://judithshatin.com/spring-tides/.

These concerts will also include works by Matthew Burtner and Ted Coffey, produced for the festival. Visit the Da Capo Chamber Players at http://www.da-capo.org/.

The October 17 and 18 events are free and open to the public. For more information, call 434-924-3052 or visit http://music.virginia.edu/technosonics-xiv.

Ravello Records has reissued Judith Shatin’s acclaimed CD Piping the Earth – http://www.classicsonline.com/catalogue/product.aspx?pid=1434848. Her music can also be heard on the Innova, Etcetera, Capstone, Centaur, Neuma, New World and Sonora labels. She is currently William R. Kenan Jr. Professor at the University of Virginia, where she founded the Virginia Center for Computer Music. Visit her online at http://www.judithshatin.com.

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