Meira Warshauer’s In Memoriam will be performed by violinist Sean Heely and cellist Elizabeth Gergel on Thursday, October 17 – 1:00 PM as part of the Holocaust Memorial event at the Columbia Holocaust Monument in Memorial Park, located in Columbia, South Carolina. The event is sponsored by Varna International.

The composer writes about the piece, “I wrote these sketches during the days of watching the horror of the attacks of September 11: the collapse of the World Trade Center, the attack on the Pentagon, the plane crash in Pennsylvania…I didn’t have a piece in mind, or consciously set out to write one. But the sketches seemed to belong together, afterwards, and to fit the solo cello. It is my way of holding each other in our loss.”

Ms. Warshauer ( has subsequently created versions of the piece for violin solo (commissioned by Gregory Harrington), violin and cello duo, violin and bass clarinet duo, clarinet solo, clarinet and bass clarinet duo, clarinet and cello duo (arr. By Suzanne Mueller), solo cello with cello ensemble (6 celli, arr. by Mirel Iancovici) and solo cello with string ensemble. Read her complete notes about In Memoriam at

Mayor Stephen Benjamin will be speaking, and one of the guests will be Holocaust survivor Mr. Morris Glass from North Carolina.

The Holocaust Memorial event is free and open to the public. For more information, call 1-803-545-4166 or visit Directions to Memorial Park at

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