Joelle Wallach

Joelle Wallach’s Lagrimas y Locuras: Mapping the Mind of a Madwoman will be presented by pianist Ana Cervantes as part of her Song of the Monarch: Women in Mexico concert on Friday, November 8 – 6:30 PM at the Mexican Cultural Institute, 2829 16th Street NW in Washington, DC.

In Lagrimas y Locuras, Mapping the Mind of a Madwoman, Joelle Wallach returns to her interest in music which expresses a specific inner life, a particular psychological landscape. Based on the Mexican folksong La Llorona, and commissioned by Ms. Cervantes from Ms. Wallach as part of her Song of the Monarch project, Lagrimas y Locuras reveals the inner monologue of La Llorona herself as she haunts the banks of Mexican waterways, railing against her fate, the betrayal of her lover and the result of her own impetuous rage.

Also on the DC program are other Song of the Monarch commissioned solo selections from Colombia’s Alba Potes and Mexico’s Mario Lavista, Horacio Uribe, Marcella Rodriguez and Gabriela Ortíz. More about the Song of the Monarch project at For more DC concert information, call 202-728-1628 or visit

Also on November 8, Ms. Wallach, the current Composer in the Metropolis, will talk about the very first official Composer for New York City – Antonin Dvorak at 7:00 PM at Turtle Bay Music School, 244 E. 52nd St., New York, NY. This is presented as part of her Con-Edison Music in the Metropolis Composer Residency Turtle Bay Music School for most of Fall 2013. This program is sponsored by Con Edison and administered by Exploring the Metropolis, Inc.

More about the free Turtle Bay Music School program at


Ana Cervantes

As a commissioning and recording artist, Ana Cervantes has inspired major collections of works by eminent composers, including Rumor de Páramo/Murmurs from the Wasteland, and her current international project, Canto de la Monarca: Mujeres en Mexico/Song of the Monarch: Women in Mexico, involving 17 composers from six countries: México, Spain, Colombia, Brazil, the USA and Great Britain, each writing a work for solo piano inspired in an important woman in Mexican history. She has performed, taught and been part of residencies throughout the U.S., Latin America and Europe. Much more about Ana Cervantes at

The 4Tay label has released two CDs of Dr. Wallach’s music – The Door Standing Open – a critically acclaimed collection of songs and chamber works (CD 4034) – and The Nightwatch – more songs and solo piano works (CD 4035) – More about her at


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