UPDATE: this program has been rescheduled from Tues., Jan. 21 to Wed., 7:30pm Jan. 22, 2014 at (le) Poisson Rouge.  We hope all interested parties stay home and warm tonight, and are able to join us at LPR tomorrow!

In Jenny Q Chai’s If on a Winter’s Night…   the quicksilver pianist journeys through the landscape of Western Music, visiting an array of composers with whom she feels a vibrant kinship.  The featured selections, by Bach, Debussy, Gibbons, Schumann, Stockhausen, and Stroppa, are interleaved with miniatures from Kurtág’s playful Játékok (Games), in a structural gesture inspired by Italo Calvino’s intricately raveled novel examining the nature of reality and fiction, If on a winter’s night a traveler.

Ms. Chai explains: “I imagine this concert as a kind of train journey through Western Music, in which Kurtág’s beautiful music brings me to meet with each of these composers, speaking to them in their own musical language and engaging with them as the authentic innovators they were. As I laid out the order of the works, seeking to demonstrate the connections and common language I sense within them, I was inspired by Calvino’s gorgeous novel, If on a winter’s night a traveler, which in turn was inspiration for Marco Stroppa’s Miniature Estrose(from which Ninnananna is taken).

Click here to see the full program listing, and here for tickets.

With the wintry forecast, this program promises to be especially apropros — but if you are unable to make it to Greenwich Village, live-stream the concert here.

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