JoelleWJoelle Wallach’s When Lost in the Forest will be performed by the Chorus of the Turtle Bay Music School, conducted by Alison Davy with accompanist Gene Rohrer, on Wednesday, May 28 – 7:00 PM in Em Lee Concert Hall of Turtle Bay Music School,244 East 52nd Street in New York, NY.

Her The Cloths of Heaven will also be performed by singer Alison Davy and pianist Gene Rohrer on the same program.

When Lost in the Forest is one of Wallach’s Spiritual Speculations, a series of short choral works exploring the dilemmas of conscience in a flawed world. The piece is based on a poem by David Wagoner and reflects the Pacific Northwest Indians’ reliance on the wisdom of nature, on stillness and silence.

The Cloths of Heaven is derived from the gestures and moods of Irish speech and song. The Yeats poem that is the basis of this song is an invitation to a personal world of dreams and imagination. It is an invitation into the world of Wallach’s songs which are her own dreams. It’s also part of Spiritual Speculations.

This performance is free and open to the public. For more information, call 212-753-8811 or visit

The 4Tay label has released two CDs of Joelle Wallach’s music – The Door Standing Open – a collection of songs and chamber works (CD 4034) – and The Nightwatch – more songs and solo piano works (CD 4035) – More about her at

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