I’d like to introduce you to Mak Grgić, a rising classical guitar who recently covered Pharrell Williams’ feel-good hit “Happy”. When he’s not adding his signature to modern pop classics, Mak programs music ranging from Brahms to the avant-garde. His latest work Cinema Verismo takes a tour of the film scores that remind him of gathering with his family, having just escaped from war-torn Bosnia. Huddled in a small apartment in Ljubljana, a young Mak would absorb classics like Ennio Morricone’s “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly”, or Stanley Myers “Cavatina” from The Deer Hunter.

Mak has become a unique fixture in his new home of Los Angeles, where he divides his time between directing his avant-garde ensemble the DC8, and splitting the bill at UnCabaret with the likes of Moon Zappa (daughter of Frank Zappa), Erin Foley (Curb Your Enthusiasm), and more. This Summer he can be found at guitar festivals from Seattle to Montenegro to perform as well as use his experience to teach workshops and masterclasses.

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