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mass_15001500_72With Stephen O’Malley, Jamie Saft, Marco Benevento, Reed Mathis, Don McGreevy, Mike Gamble
Conducted by Jordan Sramek

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As widely renowned for his unerring, intuitive grooves behind the kit as he is for his inventiveness as a composer and bandleader, Bobby Previte stretches into some totally new musical terrain on Mass, his RareNoise debut as a leader and followup to 2014’s cooperative trio project The New Standard with bassist Steve Swallow and keyboardist Jamie Saft. A modernist re-imagining of the choral epic Missa Sancti Jacobi by 15th century composer Guillaume Dufay, Previte’s Mass prominently features the imposing sound of cathedral pipe organ along with an acclaimed early music chamber vocal group, the 11-voice Rose Ensemble conducted by Jordan Sramek, and a slamming core group consisting of Previte on drums, Marco Benevento on pipe organ and Rheem organ, Don McGreevy, Stephen O’Malley, Mike Gamble and Jamie Saft on electric guitars and Reed Mathis on electric bass. A kind of heavy metal requiem mass, full of thrashing feedback guitars and grinding power chords, hellacious fuzz bass, thunderous beats and the glorious sound of a Medieval vocal choir, Mass is unlike anything Previte has done before in his extensive discography, which covers recordings by his bands Weather Clear Track Fast, Latin for Travelers, The Coalition of the Willing, Bump and the Beta Popes.

“I’ve been thinking about this idea for at least 12 or 13 years now,” says thed rummer-composer. ”In fact, I scored a version of it in the early 2000s that I toured Europe with. Then when when I got home, I decided it wasn’t right and threw it all in the trash. It wasn’t powerful enough. So I went back to the drawing board.”

Previte first encountered composer Guillaume Dufay in his Early Music class in college. “You have to remember, when Dufay wrote his music it was performed at a time in which there were no loud man-made sounds — no amplifiers, airplanes, bombs, etc. Performed in a hard-walled stone church, the sound racing around the walls and bouncing off the ceiling, it had to have been an overwhelming experience. Now it feels quiet, meditative, but in the context of its time I believe it was a powerful, soul-shaking, transportive, otherworldly music. And I needed to match that power, so I had to go with Metal — a reviled music that somehow still keeps coming.”

Previte and his wife, the writer and choreographer Andrea Kleine, presented the piece in 2007 as a full-blown theater production at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis. “She wrote the book and directed it,” he explains. “It was then that I met the Rose Ensemble. They specialize in Early Music, which was essential to me. It’s a very different discipline than other vocal music. And for them to have the courage and the openness to do a project like this, where I asked them to sing in a different tempo, key and time signature while the crushing metal band was playing — that was truly inspiring.”

The players involved in Mass are old cohorts of Previte. Organist Benevento and bassist Reed played in his The Coalition of the Willing. Saft played in Previte’s Latin for Travelers band and is also a key member of 2014‘s The New Standard on RareNoise. Guitarist Gamble has been a longstanding collaborator and is also a member of Previte’s current working quartet, Bobby Previte and the Visitors. Guitarists O’Malley and McGreevy are members of the Seattle-based drone and doom metal bands Sunn O))) and Earth, respectively. “O’Malley in particular used a gigantic wall of amps in the studio,” says Previte. “If you want that sound, you can’t use a little stomp box, you have to actually move all that air. It was exhilarating to watch.”

Twelve years in the making, Mass is the culmination of a long road for Previte. “I am super happy with how it turned out, as it is extremely difficult music to perform,” he says. “Each of the three pillars of the piece — choir, metal trio, and pipe organ — are operating within their own algorithms, their own keys, time and tempo. And the piece is written for them to be on parallel tracks but making a different fourth thing, dovetailing together on the cadences. Eventually we all began to be able to hear how it all worked, what notes the choir should be singing when you, as the guitarist, were on your third beat of your bar number 15, a 4/4 bar, at quarter note = 60, as they were in their 33rd bar of 6/8 in a completely different tempo. It sounds crazy. Well, it is crazy! But the design worked eventually, which is a testament to the musicians and their resilience.”

Previte adds about his latest opus, “It has probably the greatest cover art I have ever had on any of my records. Astonishing work by, and all respect to, the artist, Hadi Nasiri.”

Check out Mass, Previte’s most audacious recording to date, on RareNoise Records.

Bobby Previte’s Mass is built upon a re-arrangement of the Missa Sancti Jacobi by Guillaume Dufay (1397-1474), pipe organ music inspired by Olivier Messiaen (1908-1992).


Conducted by Jordan Sramek

With Eric Betthauser, John Bitterman, Heather Cogswell, Lisa Drew, Linda Kachelmeier, Kristine Kautzman, Kathy Lee, Tim O’Brien, Jordan Sramek, Kim Sueoka, Paul M. Tipton

Stephen O’Malley – guitars
Jamie Saft – guitars
Marco Benevento – pipe organ, Rheem organ
Reed Mathis – electric bass
Bobby Previte – drums, guitar, pipe organ, combo organ

Stephen O’Malley – guitars
Don McGreevy – guitars
Marco Benevento – pipe organ, Rheem organ
Reed Mathis – electric bass
Bobby Previte – drums

Stephen O’Malley – guitars
Don McGreevy – guitars
Marco Benevento – pipe organ, Rheem organ
Reed Mathis – electric bass
Bobby Previte – drums

Stephen O’Malley – guitars
Marco Benevento – pipe organ, Rheem organ
Reed Mathis – electric bass
Bobby Previte – drums

Stephen O’Malley – guitars
Don McGreevy – guitars
Marco Benevento – pipe organ, Rheem organ
Reed Mathis – electric bass
Bobby Previte – drums, synthesizer bass

Mike Gamble – guitars
Stephen O’Malley – feedback solo
Marco Benevento – pipe organ, Rheem organ
Reed Mathis – electric bass
Bobby Previte – drums

Stephen O’Malley – guitars
Don McGreevy – guitars
Marco Benevento – pipe organ, Rheem organ
Reed Mathis – electric bass
Bobby Previte – drums, pipe organ

Marco Benevento – pipe organ, Rheem organ
Reed Mathis – electric bass
Bobby Previte – drums

Stephen O’Malley – guitars
Marco Benevento – pipe organ, electronics
Bobby Previte – drums, Farfisa organ


ABOUT THE LABEL – RareNoiseRecords was founded in 2008 by two Italians, entrepreneur Giacomo Bruzzo and music producer Eraldo Bernocchi. Located in London, the label’s mission is to detect and amplify contemporary trends in progressive music, by highlighting their relation to the history of the art-form, while choosing not to be bound by pre-conceptions of genre. It seeks to become a guiding light for all those enamored by exciting, adventurous and progressive sounds. For further information and to listen please go to

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Sunday, December 18th

Time 5:30pm


Christ and St. Stephen’s Church

120 West 69 Street New York City (between Broadway and Columbus) 10023


A Jazz opera – “The Christmas story told in thoroughly American musical terms”. It features opera and jazz artists of note weaving together word, dance, song and musical instruments to tell the story in a new way.

Bending Toward The Light, composed and arranged by Anne Phillips, originated in 1985, when Ms. Phillips was asked to create a Christmas benefit at St. Peter’s Lutheran Church in NYC. That first performance featured Dave Brubeck, Clark Terry, Gene Bertoncini and Tommy Flanegan, among others. Over the past 30 years the work has been presented at Birdland, Lincoln Center, and Stephen Wise Free Synagogue, among other venues, with a long list of luminary performers including Tito Puente, Lionel Hampton, Phil Woods, Jon Hendricks, and Paquito D’Rivera. Music director Bob Kindred’s haunting rendition of “Silent Night” created the opening mood in the darkened church that very first night just as it does today.


$50 preferred advance only (limited), general admission $35 advance/$45 at the door, children/students (any section) $25 advance/$30 at the door and seniors (general only) $25 advance/$30 at the door


tickets: 866-811-4111




featuring artists and special guests:

Maurice Chestnut, King/tap

Paquito D’Rivera, King/clarinet

Lew Tabackin, tenor saxophone

Max Pollak, tap

With the voices of: Brenda Feliciano, David Gordon, Amy London, Jesse Malgieri, Pete McGuiness, Dylan Pramuk, and Holli Ross


Charlie Caranicus, trumpet

Jon Gordon, alto saxophone

Scott Robinson, tenor/baritone saxophone

Art Baron, trombone

Dean Johnson, bass

Tim Horner, drums

Adam Asarnow, piano

Candido, conga

directed by Beth Ann Kennedy

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“Tokyo to New York” in Concert at Tenri Cultural Institute
November 12, 2016.

The November 12th “Tokyo to New York” concert at Tenri Cultural Institute features new music composed for Western classical instruments as well as traditional Japanese instruments by NYC- and Tokyo-based composers.

Clarinetist and hichiriki player Thomas Piercy will be joined by pianist Taka Kigawa and traditional Japanese instrument players Hiroshi Ebina (hichiriki) and Lish Lindsey (ryuteki).

The varied concert features six pieces composed for Thomas Piercy: world premiers by Tokyo-based composers Mayuko Kawasaki and Shoichiro Tanaka, and Chinese composer Bin Li (based in NYC); and United States premiers by Tokyo-based composers Kanokpak Changwitchukarn, Tomo Hirayama and Ippo Tsuboi. Other new music by NYC-based composers Matt Aucoin, Guy Barash, Reiko Futing and Gilbert Galindo.

“Tokyo to New York” is a series of concerts in Tokyo and New York City that celebrates, honors and recognizes the connections between Tokyo and New York City. Since 2012, “Tokyo to New York” concerts, under the artistic direction of Thomas Piercy, has presented over 70 World Premiers, and numerous Japan and United States Premiers. The concerts feature new works composed for Western classical instruments as well as traditional Japanese instruments. The include a wide variety of styles of music, from Japanese avant-garde to American contemporary classical, abstract to minimalism, neo-Romantic to tango-nuevo, J-pop to jazz influenced pieces.

The composers of “Tokyo to New York” have ranged from 19 to 93 years of age.  They come from all walks of life and experience: from university students to university professors; from self-taught composers to composers with advanced degrees; from emerging composers to composers that have won such prominent awards as the Takemitsu Prize, Grammy Award, Latin Grammy Award, and the Pulitzer Prize. The musicians of “Tokyo to New York” have had the opportunity to work with many of the Japanese and American composers programmed in these concerts.


Thomas PIERCY –  Hichiriki, Clarinet/Bass Clarinet
Lish LINDSEY – Ryuteki
Hiroshi EBINA – Hichiriki
Lish LINDSEY – Ryuteki
Taka KIGAWA – Piano


Matt AUCOIN – “Etudes” for Piano (2014)
Guy BARASH – “Talkback I” for Clarinet and Live Electronics (2010)
Kanokpak CHANGWITCHUKARN – “Reark-Karn” for Ryuteki, Clarinet, and Piano (2016) **
Reiko FUETING  – “leaving without/palimpsest” for Piano with Clarinet (2006)
Gilbert GALINDO – “Lost in the Caves” for Bass Clarinet and Live Electronics (2008)
Tomo HIRAYAMA – “Garden” for Hichiriki, Clarinet, and Piano (2016) **
Mayuko KAWASAKI – “New York 1954-55″ for Clarinet and Piano (2014/2016) *
Bin LI – “Voices (Concetto Strumentale 4)” for Hichiriki and Electronics (2016) *
Shoichiro TANAKA – “Hommage à Aoyama” for Clarinet and Piano (2014/2016) * 
Ippo TSUBOI- “Prelude for Concert No. 1, Pigeon” for Clarinet and Piano (2016) **
* World Premier
** United States Premier


Tokyo to New York  東京 と ニューヨーク

Saturday  |  November 12, 2016  |  7pm

Tenri Cultural Institute
43A W. 13th St., NY, NY 10011

Tickets: $25 ($15 Senior/Student)


For more information, please contact:​​

This concert is Co-Presented with Arts at Tenri.

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Carolina Eyck + ACME
World Premiere of Fantasias for theremin & quartet
Friday, November 4, 2016 at 7:30pm

Baryshnikov Arts Center | 450 W. 37th St. | NYC
Tickets: $20 at or 866.811.4111


Baryshnikov Arts Center presents “one of the world’s leading theremin players” (BBC World Service) Carolina Eyck with “contemporary music dynamos” (NPR) American Contemporary Music Ensemble (ACME), in the world premiere of Eyck’s Fantasias for theremin and string quartet. Eyck’s five Fantasias, featuring an improvised theremin part over the string quartet, were recorded by Eyck and ACME for release on Butterscotch Records on October 14, 2016. NPR Music premiered the music video for “Leyohmi” from Fantasias and described the music as “otherwordly.” ACME will also perform Little Blue Something for string quartet by The National’s Bryce Dessner.

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Co-presented by Composers Now
Tuesday, November 1, 2016 at 7:30pm

Baryshnikov Arts Center | 450 W. 37th St. | NYC
Tickets: $20 at or 866.811.4111


Left to right: Margaret Brouwer, Esperanza Spalding, Du Yun

Baryshnikov Arts Center and Composers Now present BAC Salon: Dialogues, an intimate evening of performance and conversation featuring composer and bassist Esperanza Spalding in one of her own works, the world premiere of Margaret Brouwer‘s Fleeting Images, and the world premiere of Du Yun‘s A few stops on the 7 train. The concert is part of a series designed to showcase the diversity of living composers and create a forum for meaningful exchange among composers, performers, and audiences, moderated by Tania Leon. Composers Now has invited “Conversation Catalysts” to participate in the evening, contributing questions and ideas to the discussion.

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poster10-20-16 Cal Poly Pomona Music Department Presents

Shpachenko and Friends Chamber Music Festival

Featuring piano and toy piano works for 6 pianists:

Nadia Shpachenko & Genevieve Feiwen Lee

HOCKET: Sarah Gibson & Thomas Kotcheff

Ray-Kallay Duo: Vicki Ray & Aron Kallay

Cal Poly Pomona Recital Hall

3801 W. Temple Avenue, 24-191, Pomona, CA

Thursday, October 20 • 8 pm

Tickets: $15 ($10 Student)


This concert will feature two compositions for six pianists on 3 pianos and 2 toy pianos: Tom Flaherty’s “Igor to Please” (inspired by Stravinsky) and James Matheson’s “Bagatelle” (inspired by Beethoven), as well as solo and duo works by Beethoven, James Matheson, Mayke Nas, Alexander Elliott Miller, Michael Laurello and Andy Akiho.

Full program:

Ludwig van Beethoven: Piano Sonata No. 27 in E minor, Op. 90

Genevieve Feiwen Lee, piano

James Matheson: Alone, in Waters Shimmering and Dark for solo piano (2016) West Coast Premiere

Nadia Shpachenko, piano

James Matheson: Bagatelle for 6 pianists on 3 pianos, 12 hands (2012)

Nadia Shpachenko, Genevieve Feiwen Lee, Sarah Gibson, Thomas Kotcheff, Vicki Ray, Aron Kallay, pianos

Mayke Nas: DiGiT #2 for piano four hands (2003)

Alexander Elliott Miller: Clock Smasher for piano four hands (2016)

Michael Laurello: Touch for piano four hands (2016)

Andy Akiho: Karakurenai for piano and toy piano (2007)

HOCKET: Sarah Gibson & Thomas Kotcheff

Tom Flaherty: Igor to Please for 6 pianists on 2 pianos, 2 toy pianos, and electronics (2016)

Nadia Shpachenko & Genevieve Feiwen Lee, toy pianos

Vicki Ray, Aron Kallay, Sarah Gibson, & Thomas Kotcheff, pianos

Artist Websites:

Nadia Shpachenko

Genevieve Feiwen Lee

HOCKET Ensemble

Ray-Kallay Duo

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BMOP_Full_Orchestra_byJohnKramer_mdmWhen: Friday, November 18 at 8:00 p.m. (pre-concert talk 7:00 p.m.)

Where: Jordan Hall, 30 Gainsborough Street, Boston, MA,
T: Green to Symphony

Tickets: General $20-$50/Students $10. To purchase, contact BMOP at or by telephone 718.324.0396. Also available from the Jordan Hall box office in person or online at
Two of Boston’s leading musical ensembles—the Boston Modern Orchestra Project (BMOP) and Odyssey Opera—present the semi-staged opera The Picture of Dorian Gray (1995). Conductor Gil Rose leads the orchestral virtuosity of BMOP and Odyssey Opera’s cast of stellar vocal soloists in Lowell Liebermann’s take on the eponymous classic novel of philosophical horror by Oscar Wilde. Hailed as an “affable, open-throated Italian tenor (Opera News),” Watertown resident Jonathan Jurgens will perform the title role of Dorian Gray.

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dessoff_2015-0460_ccThe Dessoff Choirs in Concert: We Remember
Sarah Brailey soprano Melissa Attebury mezzo-soprano
Marc Andrew Day tenor Joe Damon Chappel bass
Malcolm J. Merriweather conductor
The Dessoff Choirs and Orchestra
When: Monday, November 7, 2016, at 7:30 p.m.
Where: Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center, 1941 Broadway at 65th Street, New York City, Train: 1 to 66th Street
Tickets: $45-75. To purchase, contact The Dessoff Choirs at or call Lincoln Center at 212.721.6500.
Hailed as “one of the great amateur choruses of our time (New York Today) for its “full-bodied sound and suppleness (The New York Times),” The Dessoff Choirs, with soloists and orchestra, opens its 92nd season at Alice Tully Hall. For one night only, Dessoff presents We Remember including Mozart’s Requiem and contemporary choral works reflecting on the lives of President John F. Kennedy and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and paying tribute to composer Steven Stucky, a champion of new music.

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Friday, October 28, 2016 at 7:30pm
Carnegie Hall’s Zankel Hall | 57th & 7th Ave. | NYC
Tickets: $43 – $51 at, 212-247-7800, or the Carnegie Hall Box Office (154 West 57th Street, NYC)


Soprano Nancy Allen Lundy performs in David Del Tredici’s “gloriously giddy melodrama” (The New York Times) Dracula. Photo by Masataka Suemitsu.

American Composers Orchestra opens its 40th Anniversary Season during the Halloween weekend with Contempo-Scary Music, a concert led by ACO Music Director George Manahan featuring music inspired by all things sinister and suspenseful. Contempo-Scary Music includes the world premiere of Paul Moravec’s The Overlook Hotel Suite, drawn from The Shining, his Stephen King-based opera with librettist Mark Campbell which thrilled sold-out audiences at Minnesota Opera last spring; the world premiere of Judith Shatin’s Black Moon, which introduces conductor-controlled electronics; Bernard Herrmann’s Psycho Suite; and David Del Tredici’s Dracula, a “gloriously giddy melodrama” (New York Times) starring soprano Nancy Allen Lundy.

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Gals, ghouls, and divas in drag abound at our next SF Opera Lab Pop-Up at OASIS. Join San Francisco Opera artists on the eve of Halloween for some operatic debauchery with a touch of drag macabre. Grab a cocktail and brush up on your lip-syncing skills and your opera herstory as legendary drag superstar Heklina takes you on a wicked ride full of highs and lows—notes, that is!

Come in costume or take advantage of our in-house costume booth provided by the San Francisco Opera Costume Shop for a chance to win SF Opera Lab swag or tickets. Costume optional but don’t forget your dancing shoes for a live DJ following the performance!

Tickets $25 in advance.

21+ only with valid photo ID. Limited seating available on a first-come basis.

See more at:

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