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Thalia Cafe July 21

Get elevated at the Thalia Cafe for a free show on July 21st with some of New York’s newest frontier chamber music, featuring the septet Elevator Rose, the BACK voice and percussion duo, and the avant-prog outfit Kites of Saturn. Repertoire will include: the world-premieres of pieces written for Elevator Rose by up-and-coming composers Daniel Liot Fine, Laurence Goldman, and Patrick Kelley; a delightfully bizarre rearrangement of John Dowland by articulated-noise wizard Eric Lyon for the BACK Duo; a collection of genre-defying original tunes by the guitar/bass/drums/violin quartet Kites of Saturn; and a teaming-up of Elevator Rose and BACK members for a rollicking rendition of John Cage’s percussion + piano classic “Credo in US”. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to hear fresh new music for free!

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