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National Association of Composers, USA East Coast Chapter


Summer Fest!


DOUGLAS OVENS                                                   Possible Music # 2 (2009)’

Douglas Ovens, electronic percussion  James Thoma, electronic percussion

DELVYN CASE                                                          Gemini Variations (2008)’

Tim Ruedeman, saxophone                                      Paul Cohen, saxophone

RYAN JESPERSON                                                            Farbenmusik (2008)’

Amanda Arrington, piano

ALLEN BRINGS                          Five Poems of Gerard Manley Hopkins (2005)’

I. The Habit of Perfection

II. Tom’s Garland (upon the Unemployed)

III. Henry Purcell

IV. Pied Beauty

V. Thou Art Indeed Just, Lord

Jennifer Foster, soprano                                                  Allen Brings, piano


DINOS CONSTANTINIDES                                              Sappho Songs (1998)’

I. Homecoming

II. Candor (to Alcaeus)

III. To a Handsome Man

IV. Light Vanishing

Maragert O’Connell, soprano                                            Max Lifchitz, piano

MAX LIFCHITZ                                                  Yellow Ribbons No. 22 (1984)

Edmundo Ramírez, viola                                                  Max Lifchitz, piano

MAX LIFCHITZ                                              Mosaico Latinoamericano (1991)

Laura Falzon, flute                                                           Max Lifchitz, piano

June 7, 2010 at 8 PM

Christ and St. Stephen’s Church, NYC

Free Admission

‘New York Premiere

77th Season (1933-2010)

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