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String Noise: A Concert for Two Violins,
by Conrad Harris and Pauline Kim Harris

Sunday, October 23rd at 3pm
Exapno (33 Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11217)
Admission $10/$15 suggested donations
Refreshments to be provided

Petr Kotik : There is Singularly Nothing
Todd Reynolds : What It Is
Eric Lyon : Noise Triptych
Caleb Burnhans : Escape New York
Elizabeth Hoffman : Red is the Rows
Matthew Welch : Transformations in Search of Form
Ellen O’Meara : tensegrity
Michael Vincent Waller : Music for the first 13 primes : Glissando Phase III (Sūtra)
Elizabeth Adams : Cusp
Yoon-Ji Lee : Delia Elena San Marco
Stephanie Huguenin : Para-ll-el
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Conrad Harris & Pauline Kim Harris channel all the sweetness of Mantovani’s 1001 strings into just eight, with this rambunctiously exuberant program of new music for two violins. Most of the works on this stringy avant-garde-a-thon were composed for Conrad Harris & Pauline Kim Harris, two of the most focused and lustrous-toned avant stalwarts in New York City, by some of the finest and craziest composers on both sides of the Atlantic. World premieres of music by Petr Kotik (two solos for two violins), Caleb Burhans, Elizabeth Hoffman, Matthew Welch, Stephanie Huguenin, Ellen O’Meara, Elizabeth Adams, Yoon-Ji Lee, and Michael V. Waller. NY premiere of noise-guided music for two violins by Belfast-based expat Eric Lyon. Exapno premiere of new music for two violins and fixed media by composer/”Ninja” violinist Todd Reynolds.


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Thalia Cafe July 21

Get elevated at the Thalia Cafe for a free show on July 21st with some of New York’s newest frontier chamber music, featuring the septet Elevator Rose, the BACK voice and percussion duo, and the avant-prog outfit Kites of Saturn. Repertoire will include: the world-premieres of pieces written for Elevator Rose by up-and-coming composers Daniel Liot Fine, Laurence Goldman, and Patrick Kelley; a delightfully bizarre rearrangement of John Dowland by articulated-noise wizard Eric Lyon for the BACK Duo; a collection of genre-defying original tunes by the guitar/bass/drums/violin quartet Kites of Saturn; and a teaming-up of Elevator Rose and BACK members for a rollicking rendition of John Cage’s percussion + piano classic “Credo in US”. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to hear fresh new music for free!

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