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Tuesday, Nov. 29 – 7:00pm
85 Avenue A

For more information, contact:
Gene Pritsker – 646 522 9442 email:
DROM (212) 777 – 1157

The Growing Diversity of Jazz
Trio Amalgamate – Franz Hackl’s IDO Quartet – Gene Pritsker Sound Liberation Ensemble – Marigold Opera – Issa Cabrera


Gene Pritsker Sound Liberation Ensemble
Jazz merges with hip-hop, classical, rock, funk, etc. Eclecticism reaches its climax. Sound Liberation is an eclectic jazz /hip-hop/chamber/rock/etc.ensemble. The group incorporates its philosophy by performing compositions that encompass a diverse range of musical genres, committed to “ending the segregation of sound vibration”. This enables one to hear elements from classical music to Jazz to music of various cultures at a Sound Liberation show. “The freedom of sounds. . .is truly implemented in a masterful way” – Thorsten Bendnarz, Jazzethic Magazine.
Official Website

Franz Hackl’s IDO Quartet
Jazz grooves infused by the melodies of Tyrolean folk music. IDO stands for Idiomo di Omni and means dialect for everybody. An idiom is an expression whose meaning is not predictable from the usual meanings of its constituent elements.. Franz Hackl merges ‘Tyrolean Folktunes’ the musical dialect he grew up with, with the music and sounds of New York, the town he calls home for more then 20 years. Music isn’t an universal language. Music has as many dialects as the human language. But the Global Village aka New York is the perfect breeding ground for a fresh new language. The beauty of diversity which propels the evolution of Jazz.
Official Website

Trio Amalgamate
Jazz inspired by modern composition and free improvisation
|əˈmalgəˌmāt| – verb – combine or unite to form one organization or structure. Trio Amalgamate is Gene Pritsker – guitar, Dan Cooper – 7 string electric bass and Gernot Bernroider – drums. Their music is new Jazz. Inspired by free improvisation and contemporary composition.

Marigold Opera
Marigold Opera is an emerging force in the burgeoning NYC indie classical scene. Equally influenced by Brahms and The Beatles, their instrumentation is that of an eclectic chamber group helmed by a singer/songwriter. Marigold Opera has a unique, acoustic sound palette featuring cello, violin, horn, percussion, piano, clarinet, vibraphone, and voice. With these sounds they create music that is at the same time elusive and emotionally evocative



MNMP Presents: Gene Pritsker’s Sound Liberation

Le Poissson Rouge

158 Bleecker Street, NY, NY, 10012


Gene Pritsker’s Sound Liberation is based on the philosophy of “ending the segregation of sound vibration.” An eclectic chamber band, Pritsker’s compositions mix classically-infused melodies with rhythms that derive from hip-hop and rock. Praising Pritsker for his multiple talents, The New York Times recently called his work “audacious,” describing “hip-hop turntable scratching (played on a laptop computer), flamboyant tango rhythms, an art-metal guitar solo and occasionally clubfooted beats, yet its Bach-derived framework was always evident.” At Le Poisson Rouge on January 6, Sound Liberation will be performing work from their recent release, Open Up Your Ears and Get Some (Col-Legno Records); the song “No Truth” from the album was featured in the film The Wedding Brothers (Universal Home Videos) this summer. They will also be performing works from Pritsker’s chamber hip-hop opera Money and the VRE Suite to be released next year on Pao Records.

Founded in 1996, Sound Liberation has developed a local following through its performances at Le Poisson Rouge, Joe’s Pub, Drom, the Knitting Factory, the Blue Note, and a variety of other venues. In May 2009 Sound Liberation presented two nights at the Flea Theater, performing Gene Pritsker’s one hour VRE Suite written for the Sound Liberation Quintet and a concert with B3+. In May of 2008 Money was performed at the Etna music Festival in Catania, Sicily and Sound Liberation played in Ragusa, Sicily. Also in 2007 Sound Liberation performed at the Estonian House and presented Money at the Players Theatre and Flea Theatre. The group has performed at the Outreach Festival ‘06 and again in ‘07 in Austria.

Sound Liberation Orchestra Personnel:

Gene “Noizepunk” Pritsker, leader, composer, guitar, rapper

David “Criminal Cello” Gotay, rapper, cello

Charles “Das Kronner” Coleman, vocals

Chanda Rule, vocals

Melanie Mitrano, vocals

Franz Hackl, trumpet

Greg “B-man” Baker, guitar

Dan Cooper, bass

Joe Abba, drums

Astrid Steiner, live visuals

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