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Thomas Piercy, Clarinet/Bass Clarinet & Hichiriki

Taka Kigawa, Piano

Pablo Aslan, Bass

James Nyoraku Schlefer, Shakuhachi

Sunday | April 19, 2015 | 4pm
Tenri Cultural Institute
43 W. 13th St., NY, NY 10011

Tickets: $25 ($15 Students/Seniors)
Reservations: | 212-645-2800


クラリネット / バスクラリネット &篳篥


パブロ ・アスラン

ジェイムス 如楽 シュレファー

        New Music by Tokyo & NYC Composers

Yoshihiko Banno, Gilbert Galindo, Masatora Goya, Tomo Hirayama, Miyuki Ito

Paul Yeon Lee, David Loeb, Joshua Banks Mailman, Jun Nagao, Fernando Otero

Gene Pritsker, Chatori Shimizu, Hifumi Shimoyama

Nina Siniakova, Tomoko Uzawa, Atsushi  Yoshinaka

The April 19th “Tokyo to New York” concert features world premiers and United States premiers composed for critically acclaimed clarinetist and hichiriki player Thomas Piercy by Tokyo- and NYC-based composers. Mr. Piercy will be joined in the concert by one of NYC’s leading proponents of new music, pianist Taka Kigawa; Latin Grammy nominee bassist Pablo Aslan; and a Grand Master of the Shakuhachi, James Nyoraku Schlefer. The music – in a wide variety of styles – features premiers by Fernando Otero (Latin Grammy Award); Gilbert Galindo (Meet the Composer Van Lier Fellow); Nina Siniakova (current ConEd Composer Resident); and works by Jun Nagao (Takemitsu Award), and Hifumi Shimoya (leading Japanese avant-garde composer). Other world premiers on the program are by NYC composers Paul Yeon Lee, David Loeb, and Joshua Banks Mailman; and United Stated premiers by Japanese composers by Yoshihiko Banno, Tomo Hirayama, Miyuki Ito, Chatori Shimizu, Tomoko Uzawa, and Atsushi Yoshinaka.

Co-Presented with “Arts at Tenri”


“Tokyo to New York” – under the direction of Thomas Piercy – celebrates connections between Tokyo and New York City with a series of concerts in Tokyo and New York. The concerts feature new works composed for Western classical instruments as well as traditional Japanese instruments. They include a wide variety of styles of music, from Japanese avant-garde to American contemporary classical, abstract to minimalism, neo-Romantic to tango nuevo, J-pop to jazz-influenced pieces. The composers range from 19 to 91 years of age. They come from all walks of life and experience: from university students to university professors; from self-taught composers to composers with Ph.Ds; from emerging composers to composers that have won such prominent awards as the Takemitsu Prize, Grammy Award, Latin Grammy Award, and the Pulitzer Prize. The musicians of “Tokyo to New York” have had the opportunity to work with many of the Japanese and American composers programmed in these concerts. Since 2012, “Tokyo to New York” has performed over 60 world premiers and numerous Japan and United States Premiers.

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Music of Japan   日本の音楽



Wednesday, October 19, 2011

8:00 pm

Gershwin Hotel ~ 7 East 27th Street  ~ New York, NY 10016

Tickets: $10 at the door.

Clarinetist Thomas Piercy and Pianist/Composer Mika Tanaka perform KALEIDOSCOPE 万華鏡 MANGEKYOU –  a kaleidoscopically varied concert of music of Japan including traditional Japanese folk songs, contemporary Japanese popular music, and recent contemporary classical compositions.  Pianist Claudine Hickman will appear as a special guest artist.

KALEIDOSCOPE 万華鏡 MANGEKYOU will feature a world premier by Jun Nagao (Your Kindness), pieces written for Mr. Piercy and Ms. Tanaka by Yohei Kurihara, and “Un nuage de tristesse” by composer/pianist Mika Tanaka.  Other composers featured on the program include Kozaburo Hirai (Paraphrase on Sakura Sakura),   Academy Award-nominated Joe Hisaishi (Summer/The Rain, Les Aventuriers, Okuribito), Amy Madoka Ito (Tsukiyo no Kojou), Yumi Kimura (Itsumo nando demo), Yoshinao Nakada (Sakura Yokocho), Yutaka Ozaki (I Love You), Academy Award-winner Ryuichi Sakamoto (Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence), and  Ippo Tsuboi (Far Away In Time).

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