Sad Robots make for excellent IDM

Sad Robot EP
Arts and Crafts (

After the success of 2007′s In Our Bedroom after the War, one would understand it if Stars further mined the ‘bedroom rock blown-up big’ approach on a follow-up. Sad Robot EP, on the other hand, recall’s the band’s IDM roots, presenting half a dozen lovely, lush electronic songs.
The title tune inhabits a glitch-influenced soundscape. “14 Forever” and “Undertow” both exude fetching synth pop textures and booming bass articulations. “A Thread Cut with a Carving Knife” is an aptly-timed Recession-era ballad, featuring an underemployed man facing economic woes and battling substance abuse. While some fans of their last album may wonder where the guitars went, one hopes that Stars’ current fascination with IDM will continue to inflect their music for some time to come.

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