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The weather outside is still frightful, but sometimes that suits composers. It’s easier to stay indoors to compose, or catch up on the myriad odds and ends, when one isn’t enticed to abandon the desk by sunny weather. Of course, as Galen points out on the S21 Homepage, there’s always the danger of cabin fever. But  there’s music to write, theory to ponder, reviews to pen, and packages still to wrap; I think I’m sufficiently occupied to ignore ‘the stir-crazies’ for the moment.

Nasty weather....

With final papers graded and several last-minute projects completed, I decided to work on getting my tunes up on the web, at long last creating a Myspace Site. I’ve included two pieces premiered this year: “Otherwise,” a piece for singing cellist Jody Redhage, and Butterfly Flourish, a solo flute piece that was programmed by Locrian Chamber Players. Also up is an older piece that’s recently been revived: a trio for flute, vibraphone, and cello. My keen-eared compadre Ken Ueno was quick to point out how closely related the pitch materials are for the latter two pieces. Sometimes, when you like a sound palette, it’s nice to return to it from a different vantage point.

Someday, I’ll get to creating one of those fancy “dot-com” sites like my pals above; but I’m glad to be making inroads into getting the music out onto cyberspace. As I’m new to the MySpace world, suggestions for refinements and enhancements are always welcome.


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