Preview: Asa Ransom

Asa Ransom

Formed just a year ago, New York-based quartet Asa Ransom are receiving raves for live shows throughout the five boroughs. Their brand of indie rock combines some of David Bryne’s vocal mannerisms, adds an extra portion of New Wave jangly guitars, and exudes a splash of experimental whimsy. A debut recording, An Asa Ransom Release, is slated for April, ’09, and is very promising.

The alert ostinati of “Crystal” and “Island” offset catchy choruses. Yelping vocals on “Strangeways Pale in Splendor” are underpinned by an undulating bass figure and proggy keyboards. In addition to having an irresistible title, “Man with Tuba and Wife” displays musical wit; piling an amalgam of 80s signifiers into a delightful, ebullient jumble.  

 Asa Ransom

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