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An Indie Rock Alphabet Book: A Paste Reader for Kids and Their Parents
By Caren Kelleher
Createspace, 62 pages
ISBN-10: 1440491321
 Indie Rock Alphabet
 According to author Caren Kelleher, “C” is for Chan Marshall, aka Cat Power. Thus An Indie Rock Alphabet Book proceeds from A to Z, name-checking indie notables in wry verse.
In a volatile publishing market, Paste is one of the few glossies that has managed to broaden its approach without diluting its quality, successfully co-opting the ‘indie smarty’ demographic without alienating the mainstream. The magazine has expanded its web presence, added occasional DVD offerings to its usual fare of cover mount CD samplers, and offered an online ‘VIP’ downloads club. Now, like Pitchfork, Paste is making a foray into book publishing.  
Mixing generous doses of insider humor with a trendy design layout, Indie Rock Alphabet is both a quick read and a fun conversation starter. Like Pitchfork 500, it is best accompanied by music – an alphabetical mixtape might be an excellent tie-on for Paste’s website. Designed as a children’s book that will also delight more chronologically advanced readers, Indie Rock Alphabet is a clever addition to Paste Magazine’s expanding list of projects.

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