Deastro: Detroit’s Sci-Fi Synth-Pop Superhero!

Deastro: Moondagger debuting on Ghostly


Ghostly International

At age 22, Randolph Chabot has already been prolifically active. With three self-released albums to his credit (composed in his parents’ basement), Chabot has, along the way, created a compelling performing persona for himself: Deastro. One part comic book superhero, one part sci-fi synth-pop front man, Deastro has become a compelling addition to the Detroit indie scene.

2009 marks the full-band debut of Deastro with Moondagger. Lively drums underline busy arrangements, filled with walls of eclectically bleeping synths, sweeping neo-prog progressions, and effusive vocals. There’s an enthusiasm in the music-making that’s contagious. While the overall tempo of Moondagger is hectically paced, causing the momentary marvels to pass by at dizzying speeds, it is well worth the requisite re-listening to catch all the fine melodic touches and jubilantly attired microhooks.

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