Honeysuckle remixes

Submarines – Honeysuckle Remixes


Released as two digital EPs, Honeysuckle Remixes are deft reworkings of material from Honeysuckle Weeks, the Submarines last LP. Remixers include other indie sensations, such as Ra Ra Riot and Alaska in Winter, as well as producer/mixologist Amplive. The latter provides a big-beats, downtempo version of “1940,” countered by a chamber electronica, string-laden remix of the same track with the Section Quartet on EP 2. This type of double coverage continues for much of the EP, and creates some additional interesting juxtapositions.

Ra Ra Riot’s version of “Submarine Symphonika” features undulating polyrhythms and suave pizzicato accompaniments; the corresponding remix by “Wallpaper” makes the song ripe for the dancehall, with synth slides and a suavely peppy beat structure. “You, Me, & the Bourgeoisie” is given a Euro-funky rendition, a lá Hooverphonic and replete with vocal echos, by Tonetiger;   Alaska in Winter here prefer IDM clubbing; undergirding the song with an ostinato subwoofer bass thud.   The only remix to not have a complement is Styrofoam’s “Xavia;” it’s easy to see why, as this is given a full-on, everything and the kitchen sink arrangement; busy, thickly scored, yet instantly catchy!


Honeysuckle remixes

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