Psych-folk on vinyl

Gary War
New Raytheonport

Released in a high-quality vinyl pressing, with intriguing anthropomorphic flower artwork by Greg Dalton, Gary War’s New Raytheonport embodies the best aspects of bedroom psych-folk with few of its reputed indulgences. War (Chas. Mtn.) recorded most of the tracks solo on a Tascam 488, but added a few overdubs of friends and mastered the LP with the assistance of Jay Rajeck and Ariel Pink.

New Raytheonport is thickly scored, populated with overlapping – at times chorused – voices, reverberant psych-rock guitar lines, and hazily backgrounded drums. Standouts include the impressionist “Clouds Went that Way,” jaunty rocker “Please Don’t Die,” and a cover of Alan Parsons’s “Eye in the Sky.” While distributing exclusively on vinyl is a bold move in an already challenging music marketplace,   one hopes LP connoisseurs and new ‘table owners alike will find New Raytheonport. It is a delight well worth seeking out.

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