Tight Knit Alt-folk from Sub Pop

Tight Knit
Sub Pop

Sub Pop is well known for its support of indie and experimental rock. In recent years, the imprint has also supported a series of releases by artists strongly influenced by folk and roots music: notable examples include Iron and Wine and Fleet Foxes. Vetiver’s latest full length recording, Tight Knit, is another fine example of Sub Pop’s support for folksy pop.

After making an album of covers in 2008 (Thing of the Past on Fat Cat) and then changing labels to Sub Pop, front man Andy Cabic and the rest of the band sound refreshed, and better rehearsed; their songwriting its most memorable to date. Indeed, several songs pass the ‘singleworthy’ check. “Everyday” is the one currently getting the most airplay, but the supplely rustic “Rolling Sea,” “Through the Front Door,” and “More of This” are considerably lovely as well. There’s a prevailingly relaxed vibe about the music-making that is enviably effortless-sounding; a spontaneity amidst the tight ensemble playing elusive to so many other acts. Tight Knit, yes; but overflowing with musicality.
 Tight Knit

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