Kid's latest Shout Out

Kid 606
Shout at the Dõner
Tiger Beat 6

Hard-edged yet multifaceted techno is the stock in trade of San Diego’s Kid 606 (AKA Miguel de Pedro). His latest CD recording for Tiger Beat 6, Shout at the Dõner, pushes his music even further into polystylistic terrain. Added to its previous amalgam of thrashtronica and metal are extra doses of glitch-techno elements. Cast in four large sections (titled movements) further subdivided into individual tracks, the album flows with the pacing of an alternative DJ’s set.

While much of the fare is suitable for raves, its big, pulsating beats don’t prevent it from retaining a sense of humor; nor a sense of complexity. The humor is abundant in whimsical track names – “Underwear Everywhere,” “Baltimorrow’s Parties,” “Be Monophobic with Me,” “Malcontinental,” “American’s Next Top Modwheel,” – and wryly witty spoken-word samples. The latter are best displayed and boisterously employed in a faux-revival on “The Church of 606 is Now Open for Business;” one imagines its congregants dancing in the aisles! A disturbing phone call from the police populates “Mr. Wobble’s Nightmare;” after a purely spoken intro, the music flirts with glitch and scratching before yielding to the thrumming call of a darkly appointed dance floor; loops and synths are interspersed with voice snippets.


The underlying pulse is frequently apparent in Kid 606′s material, but it’s also blurred with deft incorporation of overlaid syncopations and polyrhythms. This is particularly explicit in the Frankensteinian mixture of “Monsters” and the Reich-like phasing of “Getränke Nasty.” Even the album closer, “Good Times,” is wrapped in enigma; it supplies buoyant reggae rhythms but offsets them with a quirkily chromatic bass line and more complex, skittering background material.   Shout at the Dõner trusts the Kid’s devotees to follow him further out. One hopes they will, as the CD is an excellent addition to his catalogue.


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