Mould's 20th anniversary solo release

Bob Mould

Life and Times

Anti CD

 Bob Mould

It’s hard to believe that Bob Mould is now fully twenty years into his solo career; it’s been thirty years since he founded Hüsker Dü! Some fans may prefer a specific style or period of Mould’s output over others; from his acoustic guitar-playing circa 1989′s Workbook to the electronica elements of 2002′s Modulate, his is indeed a varied corpus of work. But Life and Times doesn’t fit neatly at either stylistic extreme. Instead, it reminds us that Mould can still rock.

And boy, can he! Songs like “Wasted World,” with its visceral, shredding guitar solos, and the jaunty vocal snarls replete in the title track both serve as ample evidence. “City Lights (Days Go By)” features subtle layering of guitars and synths; but there’s still plenty of bite in the electric guitar solo breaks.

The whole album’s been in heavy rotation since it arrived, but one song in particular has been repeated the most. “I’m Sorry Baby, but You Can’t Stand in My Light Anymore” doesn’t pertain to my current, happy, domestic situation; but it’s a power pop ballad I’d have been glad to bring to bear during lousy adolescent dating situations. Simultaneously an expression of self-empowerment and a scathing indictment of an estranged lover, it’s easily one of the best hooks I’ve heard thus far in 2009. Anti is on a roll; in 2008, my favorite song was Billy Bragg’s “I Keep Faith!”

One thought on “Mould's 20th anniversary solo release

  1. I should check this out. I got to see Husker Du in Houston as a teenager after Candy Apple Grey had come out and they seemed to be in the process of maturing and confusing the drunk stage diving contingent that inevitably took over these shows. I remember a lot of puking, drugs, and some fighting at that show…but the power of that band did come through. And Mould’s “softer” songs really hit me hard as a young music fan.

    Later on, Workbook tore my head off. Tony Maimone on bass and Anton Fier on drums? Damn! Wishing Well is an incredible performance.

    Will check this out…Mould also has a pretty hilarious blog some folks might want to check out…

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