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A trio of Seattle self-starters, Motorik creates boisterous songs that combine art rock with dance-punk. Theirs is an incendiary rhythmic approach, featuring cannonading percussion, syncing downbeat ‘thwacks’ with bass guitar punctuations, and retro New Wave-style guitar riffs. Meanwhile, bassist Sio also supplies hearty vocals, indulging the occasional wail amid staccato outbursts.



“Utopia Parkway” is a standout; Motorik creates a mathy groove with danceability at its core – despite multiple layers of simultaneous activity. As a title,”Box of Knives” has an attitudinal snarl to it. But musically, it’s much more than just ‘tude; a combination of sharpened guitar ostinati, tight-knit rhythmic underpinning, and a bellicose post-punk refrain makes for a substantial lead-off single.



True, the band gets a bit giddy on “Robert Palmer;” but one can forgive a few over-the-top synth flourishes and yelps in service of such exuberant rocking! Indeed, just when you think that the songs have hit a predictable stride, “It’s Just Sugar” throws a few off-kilter bass-lines, unexpected keyboard harmonies, and a noise-based guitar break into the mix – all reminders that Motorik is a band capable of providing pleasant surprises.




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