Songs that DON'T suit the ukulele…

Anything by Iron Maiden
With or without you
While my Guitar Gently Weeps
Metal Machine Music
MOST things by Godspeed You Black Emperor
Stairway to Heaven
Anything by Ferneyhough
Billy Joel’s output in its entirety (thank goodness!)

5 thoughts on “Songs that DON'T suit the ukulele…

  1. I came across this by chance on iTunes: it’s called “Albume bianco (L’uovo che avanza)” by Fabio Koryu Calabrò, which is The Beatles’ white album played entirely on ukulele and sung in Italian. Every track. Even “Revolution 9″ as a collage. It’s pretty funny really.

  2. Metal machine music on an electrified uke would be tonally mesmerizing.

    And bj’s “only the good die young” mustbe recorded on this instrument…

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