Weezer's breezy, clever new video

Weezer’s long been a band with a penchant for paying homage to pop styles past; they have a particular affection for early rock ‘n roll (note early hit “Buddy Holly”). They’ve also had a string of videos that are playfully good-humored tropes on pop cultural topics ranging from Happy Days to the Muppets to viral videos. They combine 50simages with musical stylings from the decade in the video for “(If you’re wondering if I want you to) I want you to,” the lead off single for Raditude, the bands latest Interscope LP.

While “…I want you to” is certainly a highlight, it’s not the only song that’s “single-worthy” on this fine release from the band.  ”I’m Your Daddy,” “Can’t Stop Partying,” and “Let it All Hang Out” are equally tuneful, punchy, and lithe creations. Meanwhile, a more layered, nuanced approach is taken on “Put Me Back Together” and “I Don’t Want to Let you Go.”

One expects that more videos – ripe for fame with the YouTube set – are in the offing.

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