SXSW attendees – any Indie Classical sightings?

For those of us who didn’t make the pilgrimage to SXSW last week, it’s always nice to live vicariously. I saw various tweets about cellos and violins at the festival, and am curious if any readers who attended saw evidence of Indie Classical music at the various showcases. Feel free to share you stories in the comments section below.

One thought on “SXSW attendees – any Indie Classical sightings?

  1. I’m surprised no one has answered back yet! There certainly was “evidence of Indie Classical,” (though I’m not quite sure what makes something Indie Classical — wider-ranging orchestration than guitar-bass-drums-voice?) and this is just a snip of what *I* saw or heard good things about; I know there was more.

    The Thursday before SXSW, So Percussion appeared at UT. On Saturday and Sunday March 13 & 14, Ellen Fullman gave a great performance at an old power plant in Austin. Then Brooklyn Rider played at an NPR showcase at some point (I’m underage, so I couldn’t get into this one unfortunately) and I also heard good things about Hauschka who played one official showcase. Dosh was one of my favorite acts.

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