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Revere (photo by

Revere is a London-based octet that’s a prime example of the ‘indie classical’ sound circa 2010. They incorporate classical instrumentation – violin, cello, keys, trumpet and glockenspiel into the traditional “big guitars” of indie pop. Their debut album is released in Spring 2010, but they’re wasting no time in promoting the lead off single, “We Won’t be Here Tomorrow.” The track has reached round two of the Storm the Charts competition. Check out a stream of the single below and, if you find it as enjoyable as we do, head over to the Storm the Charts poll to help Revere get to the top.

We Won’t Be Here TomorrowbyRevere

Revere is:
Stephen Ellis – Vocals, Guitars
Jonathan Fletcher – Guitars
Andrew Hawke – Bass, Vocals
Marc Rollins – Drums, Percussion
Ellie Wilson – Violin
Nathaniel Mumford – Trumpet, Glockenspiel
Kathleen Mckie – Cello
Nicholas Hirst – Keys, Vocals

One thought on “Help Revere Storm the Charts!

  1. Fantastic music- this is just one example . They are powerful and inventive and stunning.

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