April Smith: New MP3; Friday 5/14 concert

April Smith and the Great Picture Show are playing the Brooklyn Bowl on Friday May 14th. Smith crafts pop redolent of swing and jump blues influences, but sans the retro vibe of the turn of the millennium’s Swing craze. Instead, she makes signatures from the days of yore seem fresh-sounding and vibrant. Check out her new song, “Movie Loves a Screen,” below. Featuring ukulele and cornet solos intermingled with hand claps, it sets post-Swing styling on its ear.

MP3: Movie Loves a Screen

One thought on “April Smith: New MP3; Friday 5/14 concert

  1. What a great find. This group has real talent. This kid’s voice hit’s it out of the park. Their music just makes you want to get up and dance around the room. Can”t wait to see them live!

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