Kathryn Williams – The Quickening

Kathryn Williams
The Quickening
One Little Indian CD

English folk songstress Kathryn Williams has come a long way since her 1999 debut – a recording for which she was paid 80 bucks. Over the past decade, she’s released nine albus of ethereally arrange yet substantially composed songs. She’s also embraced the digital domain, selling digi-singles and full length recordings alike from her website.

Her latest CD, The Quickening is perhaps my favorite thus far. Songs like “Just a Feeling” and “50 White Lines” are gently evocative ballads, while “Just Leave” features a soaring vocal reminiscent of Neil Young’s early work. On most of The Quickening, Williams prefers crafting simmering numbers, moving mostly at mid tempo. But even in this refined pacing spectrum, one finds a supple shuffle like “Little Lessons” is available to nicely buoy the mood.

It’s still tough to keep up with Williams. Hot on the heels of this fetching debut for One Little Indian, she’s releasing a covers record for the imprint in October. Stay tuned.

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