Red Wanting Blue CD review (MP3)

Red Wanting Blue

These Magnificent Miles

Fanatic Records (CD)

After a decade of songwriting, touring, and refining their sound, Columbus, Ohio rock collective Red Wanting Blue has finally released their official debut LP on the Fanatic imprint. It’s a case of patience and persistence paying off. These Magnificent Miles isn’t alt, or indie, or artie, or experimental. It’s straight ahead, gutsy music-making with hooks aplenty.

It’s the type of music that I want to listen to in the yard on a hot day, cold beverage in tow. It’s the type of music that I want on the jukebox when I’m getting barbecue. And it’s the type of music that I wish mainstream radio stations would put back in the rotation.

MP3: Where You Wanna’ Go

MP3: The World is Over

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