Magnetic Island: “Subterfuge” (Video)

Layered, intricately patterned, complex and occasionally raucous, Brooklyn indie group Magnetic Island make music that is unconventional yet fascinating.

The group isn’t averse to unconventional presentation either. Their debut EP, Out at Sea, is being released in a limited run on cassette. (Those who’ve jettisoned their tape deck can order a digital version of the release). And the video for “Subterfuge” features jump-cuts and and jitter cams that would even make aficionados of The Blair Witch Project queasy. But both of these choices show a band that’s willing to stay apart from the mainstream, letting the stirring music beckon for itself. And the lovingly handmade artwork on the cassettes makes them a nifty artifact!

“Subterfuge” by Magnetic Island from lisa liu on Vimeo.

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