10/4: Rick Sacks featured on NJNMS Concert

Percussionist Rick Sacks is featured on the first concert of New Jersey New Music Series’ 2010-’11 season. Curated by conductor/composer/percussionist Peter Jarvis, the concerts are a vital part of the new music scene in the Garden State (program details below).

Monday, October 4, 2010
7:30 PM in Shea Center’s
Shea Auditorium
Suggested contribution $5
(Free for students)
Featuring percussionist Rick Sacks

Sailing the Passaic River – Rick Sacks
Sample of Drums Suite – Rick Sacks
Drum Song
The March
Fruit Loops
Enter The Drummer
Cookin’ with Drums
Waldo – Michael J. Baker
Tightrope (or Drummer on a Wire) – Rick Sacks
Mbira Sketch for MalletKat – Rick Sacks
Life in the Factory – Rick Sacks
MalletKat Sketch II on a Bohlen Pierce Scale by Rick Sacks and Peter Hannon

One thought on “10/4: Rick Sacks featured on NJNMS Concert

  1. Thanks for this post. Great to see word getting out and that there are peole who care about cultural events that their neighbours might want to know about. This concert is for all ages. I’ve been touting the pieces for some time and it seems to appeal to kids as well as university students and the older generation.

    If you’re there Carey, come to the reception and say hi!


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