Still Super


Majesty Shredding


Merge Records

It’s been nine years since Superchunk released an LP of new material. Of course, in the intervening time the band members have been active in other ways, releasing songs on various comps and serving as curators of indiedom with the Merge imprint. Frontman Mac McCaughan has been prolific apart from Superchunk, releasing music in a variety of contexts – notably with his other project Portastatic.

That said, it’s great to hear Superchunk back together again on a full length recording. They remain capable of punchy, catchy rock singles – like the leadoff track “Digging for Something” (live on Jimmy clip and official video below). Elsewhere, as on “My Gap Feels Weird” and “Learned to Surf,” the music is imparted with mathy syncopations, time shifts, and undulating guitar riffs.

Superchunk has never been a band to get mired in sentiment. If the ballads on Majesty’s Shredding feel a bit caffeinated, they’re still exemplars of emotive reflection sans bombast. “Fractures in Plaster” and the album’s mid-tempo closer “Everything at Once” are particularly affecting.

One request for Superchunk: next time out, don’t take so much time between albums!

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