Dark Dark Dark: Wild Go (Review + Video)

Dark Dark Dark
Wild Go
Supply and Demand

Dark Dark Dark is a sextet of experimental folk musicians from Minneapolis. Their debut Snow Magic flew under my radar; but Wild Go, the band’s sophomore LP, has been in heavy rotation in these parts.

Despite the band’s name, there’s a play of light and darkness that creates considerable suppleness in their work. In songs like the ballad “Daydreaming,” acoustic folk meets gently articulate pop piano in an ambling yet melodious concoction. Uneasy accordion harmonies complicate matters on “In Your Dreams,” especially when set against doo-wop tinged backing vocals and a soaring cello solo.

The band can summon sunniness too, on the breezy shuffle “Right Path.” Its foreground male vocals sound somewhat laconic, while reverberant backing vocals hint at Sixties-era Spector terrain. Meanwhile, the title track starts as a lilting kind of Parisian cafe music -accordion slides and vocal cooing – but inexorably foregrounds brooding piano harmonies, a dramatic lead vocal, and underpinning strings. Its this type of layered approach that rewards repeated listenings of Wild Go. Dark Dark Dark is anything but monochromatic.

MP3: Daydreaming

Dark Dark Dark from Yours Truly on Vimeo.

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