Happy 90th Birthday Dave Brubeck! (Video)

Dave Brubeck turns 90 today! What’s your favorite Brubeck composition? (Don’t say Take Five – that one’s by Paul Desmond!)

I’ve been fortunate to see Mr. Brubeck live on several occasions: even in his eighties, he still played imaginatively and with assuredness. When I got the chance to talk with him after a gig at the Iron Horse in Northampton, Massachusetts, he was gracious and generous with his time: eager to talk about classical composition projects.

Here’s hoping his tenth decade is just as prolific!

6 thoughts on “Happy 90th Birthday Dave Brubeck! (Video)

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  2. My favorite Brubeck compositions: Strange Meadow Lark, Everybody’s Jumping, Kathy’s Waltz (yes, we’re in Time Out land here). And the last tune on Time Out, “Pick Up Sticks” (which is also great): have you ever noticed? There really is no melodic theme there. None. The only binder is Eugene Wright’s recurring six note line. And yep, I was listening to the five Brubeck “Time” albums here at work (Time Out, Time Further Out, Countdown: Time in Outer Space, Time Changes, Time In).

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