Time Out NY makes Viola & a “Critic’s Pick”

I was so pleased to see that Wendy Richman’s upcoming “Viola &” recital (1/24 at 8 PM at the Bushwick Starr in Brooklyn) got a very nice mention in this week’s issue of  Time Out NY. The program includes premieres by Arlene Sierra, Lou Bunk, and yours truly, and features works both for singing violist and viola plus electronics. Thanks very much to Steve Smith for listing the show.

Thanks too to Armando Bayolo for taking the time, amidst packing and preparing for a big trip to Europe, to interview Wendy on the Sequenza 21 homepage. And ICE for plugging the show too.

This Friday, also at the Bushwick Starr, is the opening of Gilgamesh Variations. The play is an adaptation by eleven playwrights of the stone tablets depicting the ancient Mesopotamian tale the Epic of Gilgamesh. I’ve contributed the incidental music: a score featuring electronics, prepared piano, percussion, and singing.

The show runs for two weeks – you can grab tickets here.

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