Oakes demonstrates Ueno’s extensions

Throughout the year, Ken Ueno has been in residence at the American Academy in Berlin . But this week is one of the big events of his time there. Ueno is giving a portrait concert. Subtitled “Archaeologies of the Future” it includes both European musicians and some of his finest advocates from America, including violist Wendy Richman and clarinetist Greg Oakes.

Below, Oakes demonstrates some of the extended techniques used in Ueno’s resonant noise of the sea.

Ken Ueno
Disabitato für Klavier (2007)
Kizu für Koto und Stimme (2006)
Two Hands für Viola und Schlagzeug (2009)
I screamed at the sea until nodes swelled up, then my voice became the resonant noise of the sea für Klarinette (2006)
Improvisation für Stimme und mikrotonale Tuba
Talus für Viola und Streicherensemble (2007)

Heather O’Donnell Klavier
Kyoko Kawamura Koto/Stimme
Kim Kashkashian / Wendy Richman Viola
Greg Oakes Klarinette
Robin Hayward mikrotonale Tuba
Robyn Schulkowsky Schlagzeug
Ken Ueno Stimme

ensemble unitedberlin
Stanley Dodds, Leitung

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