Out Today: If By Yes (CD preview; video)

In this era of ephemeral pop and manufactured idols, one might readily dismiss the “supergroup” concept. But wait, not so fast! If By Yes release their debut album “Salt On Sea Glass” on Sean Lennon’s Chimera label today.

The band includes vocalist Petra Haden (Beck, Decemberists, that dog, etc.), producer/keyboardist Yuka Honda (Cibo Matto, Sean Lennon), guitarist Hirotaka Shimizu and drummer Yuko Araki (both from the band Cornelius). Together, they create suave electro-pop that simultaneously calls on the indie folk vocals-oriented projects favored by Haden and a synthesized world beat vibe that will get toes tapping and postmodern lounges pouring celebratory libations.

The album is streaming in its entirety all this week on Spinner. Haden has also posted a video for Cornelius’ remix of the band’s track “You Feel Right.”

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