Christian Carey sings … Philip Glass?

Back in 1992, I sang in violinist Paul Festa’s recital at Juilliard. I was part of a quartet that sang “Knee Play 4″ from Philip Glass’ Einstein on the Beach. Paul even got us an audience with the composer himself. We travelled downtown and sang the piece for Philip Glass at his home. He was very helpful, offering several suggestions and even playing the piano for us.

I came across this video of the performance, taken at the recital. The most startling thing, besides seeing myself singing on YouTube, was seeing an earlier incarnation of myself that had a full head of hair!

One thought on “Christian Carey sings … Philip Glass?

  1. Holy cow – I remember all of those gigs at Alice Tully and Paul Hall, back in the day. Good memories of a career that was already well on the right path, pal.


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