Forma’s S/T LP (Review)

Spectrum Spools via Editions Mego

Brooklynite synth trio Sophie Lam, George Bennett, and Mark Dwinell comprise Forma. On their self-titled debut LP (which I’ve heard as digital tracks but is also available on vinyl), they channel facets of IDM, kraut rock, minimalism, and ambient synthesized drones to stirring effect.

Eschewing track titles, the group numbers the cuts “Forma 197,” “Forma 237A,” et cetera. And while this avoids programmatic associations, it’s a telling indication of how organically, despite these disparate influences, the constituent pieces form a coherent whole. Swaths of analog synths and whorls of Farfisa organ combine into washes of harmony; punctuated by bleeping drones and underpinned by softly articulated beats.

True, there are a plethora of acts currently trying to combine vintage gear with postmodern aesthetics in latter day avant pop process music: Forma just does it better than most. Recommended.

Forma: FORMA by alteredzones

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