Invisible Cities the opera Premieres Tonight!

Composer Chris Cerrone and I share a love for the late author Italo Calvino.

Cerrone has adapted the maestro’s novel Invisible Cities into an opera. It will be performed at Columbia University tonight and tomorrow by Red Light New Music, Mellissa Hughes, and Ekmeles. With such an illustrious cast of characters, what’s not to like?

Preview of Invisible Cities from Denise Blostein on Vimeo.

May 13 and 14th, 2011, 8pm
Red Light New Music and
The Italian Academy for Advanced Studies in American at Columbia University
present the staged world premiere of Invisible Cities

1161 Amsterdam Ave. (just south of W. 118th Street)
New York, NY
$15 admission
$10 student and senior tickets available at the door

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